Kickboxing is Awesome for Ages 14 and Up!
Kickboxing is Awesome for Ages 14 and Up!
Katy Kickboxing Classes...
"Discover How Katy Area Residents are Losing Weight and Getting in Shape in Just 3 Minutes At a Time"
(Even if They've Never Taken A Fitness Class Before!)
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Now You Can Join the Most Effective and Rewarding Kickboxing Class in Katy!
Katy men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are discovering the revolutionary fitness program that combines high-intensity "fighter-style" training to help them get into "fighting shape" lightning fast

Best of all, it's a TON of fun! 

Keep reading to find out how we get our members unbelievable results by working out just 3 minutes at a time... all while giving them actual techniques and tools that they can use for self defense and fitness for the rest of their lives! 
It's the Last Workout Class You Will Ever Need!
What Makes our kickboxing program so effective?  Real Trainers!  real techniques!  real Results!
No other workout burns more fat, more calories, or builds and tones muscle as well. It's truly the best fat burning exercise.
Most of our members will tell you that this class is more fun than the gym, fitness bootcamps, personal training, and health clubs.  It is, hands down, the best way to lose weight and get in great shape. 

At this point, you probably have some questions...
  • Why does our kickboxing program work so well?  
  •  Why do so many people enjoy it?
  •  How can you get actual results by working out only "3 minutes at a time"? 
  • Why does our kickboxing program work so well?  
  •  Why do so many people enjoy it?
  •  How can you get actual results by working out only "3 minutes at a time"? 
You see, our kickboxing program is designed to mimic a boxing or kickboxing match, where people fight for 3 minutes and rest for one minute.  What this does is create periods of hard work and rest, which trick your body into thinking that it needs recover fast and get ready for more work.  

As a result, it puts your body into a state of "anxious readiness" which continues to burn fat long AFTER your workout, thus boosting your metabolism!
you don't have to be a fighter to train like one!
get all the Intense Cardio and training Benefits...
...without ever stepping in a ring!
What can you expect when you walk in The door for your first Kickboxing class?
With classes 6 days a week, loads of training equipment, and several instructors, every class is different and has its own flavor.  So you're never bored, always challenged and constantly learning and doing something new! 

Here's list of some of the classes, training equipment, and skills you can gain with our fitness kickboxing training program...
  • Kickboxing: This is our flagship class which mixes hitting, kicking, knees, elbows, and other fighting techniques along with cardio and anaerobic exercises for a kick-butt workout.
  • Boxing Fitness: This class focuses on punching combos, movement drills, partner work, and physical exercise to shred your physique while giving you fast, powerful, punches.
  •  Thai Pad Attack:​Fighters from Thailand are some of the most respected and athletic people in the world swear by these 3 pound forearm pads for their training. Now, you can too!
  • " Sweatbox": The most horrible, sweltering, sweat-drenching class you'll ever experience.  All the killer kickboxing rounds with NO air conditioning!
  •  Heavy Bags: We have 16, 125+ pound punching bags that we use in nearly every class.  They don't care if you're a novice or a professional fighter, they're ready to take all the punishment you can dish out!
  • Ground-N-Pound: Imagine having a punching bag where you can do lifts like a barbell, then throw on the ground, climb on top, and beat the crap out of?  We have them and we'll teach you how to use them. It's the best stress relief ever!
  •  Focus Mitts:  A staple of boxing, these mitts are used to teach timing, targeting, and tactics that will wear you out!
  •  Tire Man:  One feature unique to our school are our "tire man" training devices. They look weird. They work great. And they are so fun to hit!
  •  Partner Drills: Learn the same fighting drills, combos, and reaction sequences that real fighters practice with one another to hone their skills and reactions outside of the ring.
  • Sparring (Optional): Test your skills against a live opponent in a fun, safe, training session.
  • Private Lessons: Get personal, detailed, one-on-one instruction from one of our trainers on the subjects of your choice at incredibly reasonable tuition rates.
Plus, there is NOTHING more stress-relieving than hitting a punching bag!
Once you start, the rest of the world just MELTS way... (and so does the FAT)!
But don't take our word for it...
Real Results from Our Real Clients!
WARNING: More and More People Are Finding Out About Us, so Classes are Filling Up Fast! Don't Be Left Out! 

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What is Cardio Kickboxing in Katy?
Cardio kickboxing is a group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.
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If you live in the following areas; Cinco Ranch, Cypress, Richmond, Fulshear, and are close enough to come train with us!  This is the last kickboxing workout you will ever need! Kickboxing is great for Fitness, Self Defense, Cardio Fitness and Muscle Toning. No other workout burns more fat, more calories or builds and tones muscle as well. It's truly the best fat burning exercise.
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