Texas Krav Maga Videos
ABC 13 News Houston
ABC 13 Houston came by to get some tips and techniques for kids who walk home alone. How to deal with strangers and potential kidnappers.
CBS Evening News
After our Active Shooter Seminar got covered by the local CBS affiliate, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley featured footage from our seminar in a national news piece regarding the subject of active shooter preparation and response.
Channel 2 News Houston
After the tragic events of the stabbing at Lone Star College made national news, KPRC Channel 2 Houston came by to find out how the average person could have helped prevent this tragedy.
Fox 26 News Houston
In response to the stabbing incident at Lone Star College which made headlines across the nation, Fox 26  News featured our school in a segment about common-sense methods for defending knife attacks.
Channel 11 News -Active Shooter
Channel 11 KHOU News came out to cover our first Active Shooter Seminar in response to recent active shooter attacks.
Fox 26 News -Active Shooter
Texas Krav Maga Owner Larry Escher co-instructed our in-demand Active Shooter Seminar at a sister school in Cypress and Channel 26 covered it in detail.
KHOU Channel 11 News
KHOU Channel 11 came all the way out to Katy to see women doing self-defense in response to a recent abduction of a woman in the news. This was our first news coverage.
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Kids Combatives Practice
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Demonstrating Faith in Our Teens' Skills
Teen's Learning to Use a Stick on the Tires
Teens Using Shields to Defend Knife Attacks
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